Internship with Arabook in Italy


Kutubiyat's Arabook is the only distributor of Arabic-language books in Italy, and is the point of reference for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in stories and comics in Arabic or Arabic & Italian. We are looking for passionate and motivated interns who want to immerse themselves in the world of publishing and cultural promotion.


If you're fascinated by the Arabic language and want to develop your skills in the publishing industry, this is the opportunity you've been looking for! As an intern at our company, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced team, learning about the dynamics of the industry and actively contributing to the promotion of Arab culture.


You will have the opportunity to explore new books and contribute and learn about the publishing market through close contact with publishing houses, bookstores and libraries. You will be part of a passionate community of readers to whom you can suggest insights related to the world of Arabic books. In particular, you will be asked to develop an editorial plan to promote our books.


This will involve translating the synopses of books from Arabic into Italian, writing articles for our website; researching and verifying information on events concerning Arab publishing (book fairs, upcoming publications, etc.); creating a database of libraries that have books in Arabic and coordinating activities with Italian bookstores and libraries.


What you’ll get out of this internship:


1. Knowledge of Arab culture: the internship offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Arab culture through reading and studying books. Interns can develop an in-depth knowledge of the literary landscape, authors, publishing houses, literary awards etc.


2. Publishing skills: one of the main objectives of an internship in a bookstore/distributor is to acquire publishing skills. Interns will be able to learn how to select, evaluate and curate a collection of Arabic-language books. They’ll also learn how to evaluate a series of Arab publishing houses and their specialties.


3. Cultural promotion: Interns will have the opportunity to actively participate in cultural promotion through the planning and organization of literary events, discussions, book clubs and workshops. This will enable them to develop skills in event management, community engagement and create partnerships with authors, publishers and cultural organisations.


4. Organizational skills: An internship at Kutubiyat will require organizational skills, such as time management, the ability to work efficiently, and planning day-to-day activities. Interns will be able to develop these skills through the management of day-to-day operations such as an editorial plan, book-order management and organization. 


What we ask from you:

1. Good knowledge of the Italian language. Knowledge of the Arabic language is a plus, as is the knowledge of other languages.

2. Communication skills, ability to work in a team and habit of working towards objectives.

3. Regular use of the internet and its platforms.

4. Regular use and knowledge of social media.


What about our previous interns?

Arabook Kutubiyat has been active since 2007 and since then we have hosted over thirty students on curricular internships in partnership with various Italian academic institutions such as the Cà Foscari University of Venice, the University of Macerata, the School of Interpreters and Translators of Vicenza (Master in Technical Translation -scientific from Arabic), Free University of Languages and Communication of Rome (Master in Oriental Languages and Cultures) and more.

30% of students who took part in our placements pursued doctoral studies

30% found a job in the communication sector (journalism, trade fairs)

20% continued their studies (BA students)

20% continued to work in the sector they were previously engaged in


Remote Opportunities:

If the internship were to be carried out remotely, the working method will be as follows:


        - Weekly virtual meetings, during which the activities of the week will be planned.

        - The first weeks will be dedicated to a handover and preparing relevant tools for sharing material and sources of information (google             drive/google calendar etc.). Subsequently, the trainee will be able to carry out the research independently.


Please send your CV and cover letter in Italian or English to


Please note this is a voluntary internship and not paid.


If you like, we can informally help you find a place to temporarily rent if you are unfamiliar with the Italian accommodation market. 


Sei interessato ad uno STAGE?   

Arabook accoglie regolarmente stagieres. Lo stage è un'occasione straordinaria per conoscere l'ampio patrimonio librario, l'offerta dei servizi e le attività che si svolgono presso la libreria. Le attività già aperte o che si dovranno presto realizzare sono molte e stimolanti e possono di sicuro costituire un'interessante opportunità formativa per gli studenti in particolare gli iscritti alle facoltà di lingue orientali (arabo) e tutti gli studenti interessati al mondo editoriale arabo. Inviate le vostre candidature all'indirizzo, allegando il cv.